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15 Best Walrus Mustache Styles You Can Try - AtoZ Hairstyles

What is a Walrus Moustache? These whiskers are characterized by being thick and bushy. They are droopy and drop over the mouth. They resemble the whiskers of a real walrus and hence the name. The walrus moustache is like a beard for your upper lip. If you are fond of having a moustache that is predominantly thick this is the style for you. If you like to grow a lot of hair for your moustache you are best suited for this style of moustache. It allows you to grow a whole lot of moustache. The whiskers of a walrus are bushy and they droop over their mouth, same is the case with a walrus style moustache on a man, it is supposed to droop over the mouth and cover it. It is sometimes easy to get...

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