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The Election Issue: What You Need to Know About All 35 District Races

With 35 council districts, it can be hard to keep up with all the moving parts. If there’s one positive to Metro’s comically outsized legislative body, it’s that all politics are hyperlocal, and issues that dominate one district may be unheard of in 34 others. Here’s our guide to what’s important in all 35 districts, plus one impress-your-friends fact about each. District 1 — Jonathan B. Hall (incumbent), Finis Luther Dailey III, Rudolph “R.J.” Mamula District 1 is Metro’s largest council district by area — stretching from the borders with Cheatham and Robertson counties in the north, through Joelton, down to parts of Bordeaux and all the way to the river at Bells Bend — and the most...

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