How to grow a cowboy mustache

Movember, Rugged Rebels Mustache Guide for November

If you are a beardsman extraordinaire, you already have a Movember style of ‘stache or beard lined up. But for those who aren’t sure what the flaming hell I’m talking about, the word “Movember” is a portmanteau (a combination of two words that make a third). In this case, it’s the combination of the UK/Australian nickname for moustache (‘mo’), and the month of November. What’s Movember All About? If you’re still confused, you’re not alone. A lot of people are unaware that Movember (November) is the time when men grow moustaches (and/or beards) to raise awareness for men’s cancers, prostate and testicular cancers in particular. The worthy goal of the Movember folks is to “change the...

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