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Celebrity Men s Most Pathetic and Creepy Attempts At A Mustache - Mandatory

Celebrity Men’s Most Pathetic and Creepy Attempts At A Mustache Of all the worst and most disturbing mustaches, you’ll be surprised at how many of them belong to celebrity men, people with money who are viciously monitored by society. Here are some of celebrity mustachioed men’s most pathetic attempts at honing the art of the dirt lip. Mustache? More like must-not-ache! We can’t all be as classy as “Magnum P.I.” now, can we? The once adorable adolescent-looking actor grew a mustache and then just started looking like every other creep in town. We caught a glimpse of it on film with “Youth in Revolt.” Just kidding, we love Michael, and we still pee a little when we watch “Superbad.” He...

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