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Handlebar Moustache Grooming Part 3 - Handlebar Moustache Life

Handlebar Moustache Grooming Part 3 Hair Types: My mustache hair is pretty wiry, but generally behaves well and gives me a nice natural curl. In fact, I have a hard time waxing to a straight point. Your hair may be finer or straighter, sparser or more densely populated. Everyone will be different. Don’t regret what you have, just work with it and adapt to create a style that is uniquely yours. Don’t wish your moustache was like someone other guy’s. Honor yourself. It is what it is. I’ve saw a picture of a blond guy with a sparely populated moustache of fine blond hair he had grown out to a waxable two inch curl that looked great. It’s not so much the moustache...

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