Biker mustache styles

The beards (and moustaches) of Dane County - Isthmus, Madison, Wisconsin

I've known my husband Rob for 28 years and I've never seen his upper lip. He's attached to his moustache. Seriously. It's a good one: blackish-brown with a touch of gray, robust not sparse. He trims it with a tiny pair of Fiskars, and shaves the rest of his face with a Gillette Trac II. No generic, store-brand blades allowed; and no mock triple fusion upgrades from the original dual-blade model. Rob hasn't grown a beard in a long time. He'll sport some stubble for a few days but not much longer, even in the Wisconsin winter when it seems like a good idea to grow some extra fur for warmth or something. Many here evidentally do that. Wander any roadway in Madison and you'll find beard and...

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